About Us

Raljob.com is India's most innovative and fastest growing recruitment portal. Launched in 2012, within a short span, Raljob.com has overcome all odds it was subject to and has specially focused on creating employment opportunities in small and medium cities. RAL JOB has focused on elevating talent and skills of aspirants from non metros who otherwise would have stayed as underdogs. But now with this innovative approach of RAL JOB not just jobseekers from non metros are at benefit, but even companies who have always struggled for right manpower in non metros are benefiting by finding the correct match for their jobs.

Today Raljob.com is changing the landscape on hiring, by integrating Facebook hiring. Raljob.com now enables a recruiter to reach out to the personal network of employees and their connections, thus giving him access to a vast network of good quality candidates.

It also offers better relevance of results through its database of candidates, delivered through its unique 2-way matching technology, which helps candidates get the jobs they deserve and helps recruiters hire faster.

In the course of last few years RAL JOB has been able to build a bridge between Employers and Job Seekers from small and mid size cities thus supplying the demand where most of the major players in recruitment sector fail and thus lack interest. RAL JOB thus continues to offer significantly enhanced features and a better end-user experience for both candidates and recruiters.

Our Team

RAL JOB is an initiative by a group of young and dynamic professionals teamed up with highly experienced advisors, thus enabling us to overcome all odds those otherwise would have been everlasting stumbling blocks.


We aim at developing a wide network of branches either virtual or real and in metro as well as non metro cities, through which jobseekers can elevate and expose their skills to the relevant organizations. By doing this we aim to contribute in eradicating unemployment as well as supporting small and medium businesses along with big ones empowering them via correct staffing. It is obvious that industrial growth by default will lead to more employment opportunities and any contribution that we are able to make in this provides us with nothing less than satisfaction.